November 9, 2018

A Finnish producer of biogas technology solutions fights against climate change

Climate change is one of the most serious threats the world is facing at the moment. IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, reported last October that the global temperature has already risen by roughly one degree Celsius from the pre-industrial levels. If the warming process continues at the same pace, the limit of 1.5°C will be exceeded by the middle of this century. This would pose significant danger to both people and nature.

Ductor, a company founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2009 and specialized in the circular economy, offers revolutionary biogas technology solutions that make an efficient fight against climate change possible everywhere in the world. The method developed and patented by Ductor recovers nitrogen and phosphorus, both substances that are harmful to the environment, from organic materials. The technology makes recycling organic waste more efficient, promotes sustainable production of food, and improves renewable energy solutions.

“Our unique production process recovers nitrogen and phosphorus from biomasses, such as poultry manure, to produce environment-friendly biogas cleanly and cost-efficiently. We aim to make biogas one of the world’s primary energy sources”, says Ductor’s CEO, Ari Ketola.

The world population is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. As a consequence, the increased production of food and energy, combined with the waste management problem, are going to increase atmospheric pollution. Roughly two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions currently originate from the use of fossil fuels, and methane emissions from agriculture and waste management add to the pollution of the atmosphere significantly.

Ductor is growing its operations around the world and is currently running large-scale biogas plant construction projects in Germany and North Carolina, U.S., and has signed delivery contracts for the coming year for a total of EUR 28 million.

Ductor aims to achieve a turnover of over EUR 50 million in Europe, Asia, and The United States next year. Ductor is headquartered in Helsinki and also has offices in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, and The United States.


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