June 12, 2018

Ductor Pte Ltd (subsidiary of Ductor Oy) and Endeavour Bio Fertilizer Pvt Limited are negotiating a cooperation project in Sri Lanka

Ductor Pte Ltd (Ductor) and Endeavour Bio Fertilizer Pvt Limited (Endeavour) are exploring the collaboration in the form of establishing a joint venture to produce biogas and fertilizers based on Ductor’s proprietary biogas technology. The plant’s feed material is 130,000 tons of chicken manure per year. The 15 MWel plant, for which an agreement is meant to be signed next autumn, is expected to realize in 2019. The aim is to build new plants in the future and to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient regarding organic fertilizers.

Endeavour’s long-term commitment in the Asia Pacific region is strategically focused towards the development and operation of Green Energy projects, Waste to Energy (WTE) Plants, Refuse Derive Fuel Plants and associated industries processing solid and liquid waste. Endeavour’s complimentary core focus is also into bio fertiliser production facilities. Strategically, Endeavour is also conducting a feasibility into the establishment of a major bio- fertiliser plant in the Western Region of Sri Lanka targeting the sustainable and positive alternative to the use of chemical fertilisers.  The chairman of Endeavour, Mr. Kumar Perumal, is pleased with the ethically solid business: “Expanding our core values in our international engineering and construction business, we continue to demonstrate our commitment in delivering successful business on strategic platforms that meets the corporation values in environment, quality, safety, costs and schedule.’’

About Endeavour Bio Fertilizer Pvt Limited: Endeavour (www.endeavourcorporation.com)  is an Engineering and Construction company focusing on developing long term sustainable assets in the renewable energy space. Our pedigree includes the development of assets in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Power, Desalination and Water Treatment Industries.

About Ductor Corporation: Ductor (www.ductor.com) is a company with a unique portfolio of proprietary and patented technology to improve waste management, energy and food production. Ductor has developed a unique fermentation system that removes a controlled amount of nitrogen from the substrate prior to the anaerobic digestion process.


Additional information / Endeavour Corporation:
Mr. Kumar Perumal, Chairman
Tel. m (sl): +94 775 976 703


Additional information / Ductor Pte Ltd:
Mr. Marko Kärkkäinen, President Asia Pacific
Tel. +65 858 757 64