August 19, 2019

New office in Poznań, Poland

Ductor Corporation has announced the opening of a new office in Poznań, Poland.
This new location strengthens Ductor’s presence in the European biogas market and is part of Ductor’s global expansion strategy to make a better future with a circular economy. “We are delighted to announce the opening of our Polish office,” said Ari Ketola, CEO. “We have the most efficient and profitable biogas technology in the world and will revolutionize the biogas industry through its global adaptation in next decade. Poland is one of our most interesting development markets in Europe,” Ketola added.
Ms Magdalena Malajewicz is Country Manager at Poznań, Poland.

Revolutionizing biogas with innovative technology
Ductor’s technology prevents ammonia inhibition in biogas production. This is done by adding one fermentation step, prior to biogas fermentation, as well as a nitrogen stripping unit. Ductor’s patented microbiological innovation eliminates the nitrogen dilemma by turning problem waste into profitable recyclable goods. The technology can be applied to biogas plants of many different sizes, and unit operations do not require skills beyond normal biogas plant operations.

Ductor Corporation was founded in 2009.
Shortly after, the technology for the extraction of nitrogen from organic material was developed. Throughout the years 2013-2016, the technology has been proved in laboratory scale, pilot plant scale and demonstration plant scale. Commercial activities started soon after the technology confirmation. The first industrial plant deliveries are now on-going to Germany, United States and Mexico. Ductor has grown to a global company having headquarter in Helsinki, Finland and regional offices in Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, the US, Italy and now in Poland. Currently Ductor employs more forty professionals globally.

Contact information Poland:

Ductor Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Piątkowska 116/ B3
60-649 Poznań, Poland

Magdalena Małajewicz,
Country Manager, Poland
Mobile: +48 508 090 725

For media and other enquiries please contact:
Helsinki Headquarter
Ductor Corp.
Viikinkaari 4
00790 Helsinki, Finland

Minna Leppikorpi,
Marketing and Business Development Director
Mobile: +358 40 849 5000