April 16, 2019

Profits from waste

DUCTOR began with a mission to reduce the dependence of global food production on fertilizers derived from fossil fuels. As part of a growing trend towards a worldwide circular economy, we set out to create sustainably derived fertilizer products from renewable resources such as poultry manure and food processing waste. Our early work was in cooperation with the University of Helsinki and in 2015 we started commercial production. As we pursued our initial goal of sustainable and commercially effective fertilizers, we discovered our technology also greatly increased the efficiency of biogas production from the same organic wastes. By combining our fermentation technology with a traditional anaerobic digester, we still produce sustainable nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers but also accelerate the production of biogas. The fertilizer products are suitable for organic production and greatly enhance soil health. Their high retail value allows them to be economically transported long distances.

There are approximately 17,000 biogas plants worldwide, of which about 95% are in the EU (9,000 in Germany). We currently have signed delivery contracts worth €28 million. Two construction projects are in progress in Germany and North Carolina, USA.

In addition to the delivery agreements, we have more than €120 million value in letters of agreement in Europe, Asia and Mexico.

Negotiations are in progress for EUR 400 million around the world. Ductor is a closely held private company, the majority of which is owned by its founders. Key additional investors include Lifeline Ventures (a major investor in the company since 2012) as well as high net worth individuals and family offices.

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