Our work

Innovation drives us

As a technology company, continuous innovation and R&D are at the heart of our company.

Our scientists are at the forefront of technological advancements to revolutionize the biogas industry while also addressing major global issues surrounding waste management, increased food demand, and clean energy needs. The result of a decade of R&D has been the large-scale application of our groundbreaking technology. And we’re just getting started.


Our partners

We work with commercial partners in renewable energy, waste management, agriculture, and food production, as well as leading research and government institutions around the globe.

Together with our partners, we will play a major role in the circular economy of food production-waste reuse-energy generation.




“It must be concluded that the Ductor process is able to stabilize the nitrogen concentration when using nitrogen rich substrates for anaerobic digestion.”

Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Joachim Krassowski


“Ductor development of technology for the recycling of ammonia and phosphorous is an excellent idea.”

Max Planck Institute, Prof. Marc Strous